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When you start your training with Flightwise, from the first time you take the controls of one of our aeroplanes, your outlook on life will change.  You’ll develop a new sense of freedom and you’ll know what it really means to fly.You’ll also know that we’ll be there, from your very first flight to the day you earn your licence, guiding you, keeping you safe, giving you the foundations in training that you need to become the pilot you want to be.
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The Flightwise philosophy is give you high quality flight training and ground instruction while keeping our costs low with innovative customer service. Above all we want you to FLY!!

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Whatever your aviation ambition is, your Private Pilot’s License is the first step in your training
Whether you’re flying for pleasure or business or starting your professional flying career, the PPL is the building block for all your flight training. At Flightwise, you’ll find a dedicated team of instructors giving you the foundation you need to become a safe and successful pilot.

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