Pilot Training

It has never been easier or more enjoyable to become a pilot. If you are aged 16 or over and want to experience what it really means to fly, Flightwise are here to teach you the thrill of flying an aircraft yourself.

Start with you a Gift Flight, to discover how exhilarating the experience is. Then enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of earning your Private Pilot’s Licence.  Fly for fun or for business; start an aviation career with your PPL; Flightwise will give you the foundations and training to achieve all of it.

You’ve achieved PPL and are enjoying the freedom it brings.  You’ve gone sightseeing, shared your new skills by flying with family and friends, now you’re looking further afield, looking for new skills and challenges.

The team at Flightwise is here to give training and mentoring beyond the basic PPL.  We provide you with training to rent our larger, 4-seat; Cessna 172 for touring further afield; to the UK and beyond.  We’ll give you the skills and confidence to fly take on cross water flights.  We can even teach you to fly at night so you can get your Night Rating … which is another step towards starting your training as a commercial Pilot

After having gained your licence you will need to keep it current and up to date, we’ve got more information about JAR pilot licensing and currency here.