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Tips to consider when shopping for self-balancing scooters and Hoverboards

Self-balancing scooters look like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but thanks to technology, they exist in real life. What is more, ever since their release, they have become the rage – with tech enthusiasts and people who can afford them. What are the factors or tips to note when shopping for self-balancing scooters otherwise known as hoverboards?

This article will give you 3 tips to consider when choosing a hoverboard.

1. Safety

This is the singular most important factor to consider before choosing a hoverboard.

Recall that when self-balancing scooters were first made available, after the initial hype, pomp and fanfare, news began to filter out from users all over the world about the safety hazards posed by these hoverboards. The major hazard was the fires caused by overheating of lithium batteries. After the initial recall of hoverboards from the market, developers ensured that this defect was corrected.

Thus, before buying that self-balancing scooter, ensure that it meets safety standards; specifically a UL-2272 certification.

2. Check out reviews

The easiest way to avoid buyer’s remorse is to learn from other remorseful buyers. Ergo, check out reviews of any hoverboard you want to buy. From the reviews, you can see the pros and cons of specific models of self-balancing scooters. These reviews are on online shops such as e-bay and Amazon.

3. Buy from a reputable brand

There are so many advantages of buying from reputable brands: better build, higher quality, excellent support and a return policy. So when things go wrong, or there are technical issues, you can return, repair or replace your hoverboards with little or no extra costs. we recommend to buy hoverboards in Ireland from


Self-balancing scooters or, as they are more popularly called, hoverboards are fun, albeit expensive toys for kids and adults alike. Hence before splashing cash on one, keep in mind the tips above on choosing one.